I’m a web producer for a major tech company, and occasional freelance music, music biz and tech writer based in NYC. Formerly a longtime music, theater and culture writer for Metro Newspapers, music and pop culture writer for Myspace and entertainment biz blogger for Digital Trends.

Highlights include interviewing showrunner David Simon on HBO’s The Deuce, covering CMJ (RIP) for Myspace, interviewing West Coast rapper YG on his 2016 anthem “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” and talking with execs at BitTorrent and Mega after they tried to relaunch as a legitimate brand.

I’m well-versed in indie rock, the intricacies of the music biz, the enormous difficulties of media circa 2020 and the best cheap eats in NYC. I studied Economics in college and I’m a fervent supporter of journalism and independent music (as well as, sometimes, the Billboard Top 40).

P.S.: Independent print publications are still the best. RIP Boston Phoenix. Long live the Village Voice.

Find me on TwitterTumblrInstagramFacebook and at that local rock show.